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RAxML Robinson-Foulds Distance 8.2.11


raxml-RFdistance-8.2.11 requires a text file containing a concatenated list of trees to be compared. For additional information on this tool, please consult the RAxML manual.

Test Data

Use the nucleotide text file


  • Run the test analysis using the following parameters:
    1. substitution model: GTRCAT
    2. Output file base name: 49-10

Output File(s)

  • Expect the following output files:
    • .agave.log: log of activity by the Agave API that ran the app
    • 49_10_trees.txt: the input alignmenttext file with concatenated trees
    • RAxML_RF-Distances.49-10: the output of the program. Contains a list of all pairwise distances.
    • RAxML_info.49-10: Information about the model and algorithm used and how the program was called.
    • $longrandomstring.err: standard error
    • $longrandomstring.out: standard output