bzip2 and bunzip2

Application (app) Name


Quick Start

  • To use bzip2: select a file for compression
  • To use bunzip2: select a file for decompression (usually ending in .bz2)
  • Resources:

Test Data

All files are located in the Community Data directory of the iPlant Discovery Environment at the following path:

Community Data > iplantcollaborative > example_data > bzip2

Input File(s)

File to compress: example_in.faa

File to decompress: example_in.faa.bz2

Parameters Used in App

None.  Just select the file for compression/decompression

Output File(s)

Output files are named according the input file:

  • example_in.faa -> bzip2 -> example_in.faa.bz2
  • example_in.faa.bz2 -> bunzip2 -> example_in.faa

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