Fastp 0.20.1

A tool designed to provide fast all-in-one preprocessing for FastQ files. This tool is developed in C++ with multithreading supported to afford high performance.

Quick Start

Test Data

Test data for this app appears directly in the Discovery Environment in the Data window under Community Data -> iplantcollaborative -> example_data -> fastp

Input File(s)

Use R1.fq and R2.fq from the directory above as test input.

Parameters Used in App

When the app is run in the Discovery Environment, use the following parameters with the above input file(s) to get the output provided in the next section below.

  • Default parameters only, no further configuration needed.
  • Provide output file names (example: R1_out.fq and R2_out.fq) in the output section of the app.

Output File(s)

Expect as output the files specified in the output section along with a fastp.json and fastp.html

Tool Source for App