Bisque module works

The pollen-tracking module for Bisque is good enough to push into the world.  I believe it works well enough to be useful, and I hope the end users will concur.  I look forward to their feedback about how it can be improved.  I myself know a number of improvements I'd like to see.  But software can eternally be improved, and I know iPlant wants to launch Bisque on November 1, so let's call version 1 complete.  Kobus and I have talked, and we need to coordinate with Nirav and Ravi how to wrap up v1 nicely.

I have noticed that the browser used for Bisque matters.  The experience is nicer on Chrome than Firefox.  In particular, the graphical rendering and the user interface are a bit quirky in Firefox, but not in Chrome (which I believe is the developers' primary dev platform).