iPg2p Steering Committee Minutes
December 9, 2009; 1 to 2 pm CST

Present: Steve Welch, Ruth Grene, Jeff White, Chris Jordan, Matt Vaughn, Karla Gendler

The meeting was convened at 1pm CST and there was some general discussion to allow time for late arrivals to dial in.

Item 1: Review Action Items

  • Brutnell will distribute NGS white paper to SC
    • Vaughn added that the grup is taking input and writing a final draft that spells out the short and long term plan and that they will need input from the Steering Committee.  It is more of a vision document than a white paper.
  • Gendler will rough out agenda
  • All should review Grene's presentation and send her comments
  • All should begin to think about topics that need to be addressed at the meeting in San Diego

Item 2: Review Postdoc Hiring

Welch asked for an update from each of the working groups regarding the postdoc situation.  Grene stated that she has a candidate, has made an informal offer, but is waiting for the paper work from University of Arizona.  The candidate is a Senior Research Associate that will serve the group as a whole.  Vaughn reported that for Data Integration, there is a candidate that has been invited for an interview that is out of Justin Borevitz's lab.  On a side note, Vaughn added that he and Rob Martinesen are hiring a postdoc that will be assisting with the G2P efforts as an Engagement Team Analyst but has expertise in the general domain.  Welch reported for the StatInf group, Kliebenstein has interviewed a candidate.  For Modeling, there have been 4 applicants and one is cosidered a possibility.  However, Welch needs to send out application with relevant information to members of the Steering Committee as they were listed as being part of the search committee.  He will set up a telecon to interview this person.  NGS has hired Lin Wang.

Welch asked if postdocs were a viable approach.  Grene agreed but expressed frustration in dealings with the business offices.

Item 3: Review Draft Press Release

Welch asked if there are generic points about iPC or iPG2P that shoudl be changed.  Grene feels that the release needs to be much more gradiose and needs to highlight that the effort is much larger and that it cuts across different fields and disciplines.  White added that the wording should be changed so that it says that it is a project to solve one of the grand challenges in plant sciences and is not just another software project. 

Item 4: Working Group Updates

  • NextGen
    • Vaughn reported that they are writing the vision document and that he and Sonya have been iterating on the release statement of NGS 1.0.  He will make this available to the SC next week.
  • StatInf
    • Liya is working to implement GLM language to handle normal mapping population at single marker and will move to pairwise.  The group is surveying existing implementations of QTL mappings to identify what fails.  Vaughn added that Liya is writing a biological and mathematically complete problem for GPU/FPGA research work.  He's working to partition the program move finely (i.e. by groups of SNPs).  The program is based on TASSEL (10 megs of source code) and is very nested and very complicated.

Item 5: Identify Action Items

  • Gendler will add times to agenda for discussion next week
  • All on the call should provide feedback to Grene about her presentation last week
  • White will edit press release and send to Welch
  • Welch will combine edits and send out to Goff for more edits

Next meeting time: Wednesday, December 16, 1pm CST

Adjournment: The meeting ended at 1:47pm CST