iPG2P Steering Committee
August 10, 2010; 2 to 3 pm EDT

Present: Doreen Ware, Karla Gendler, Chris Jordan, Chris Myers, Ruth Grene, Steve Goff, Steve Welch, Jeff White


  • PAG - Steve Goff
    • iPlant is signed up for a workshop in Januray
    • ASPB meeting went fairly well
      • People pretty responsive
      • Good feedback from NSF
      • Editor of Science was there (Pam Hines)
        • Potential for news story in Science when we are ready
    • Ware suggested will need computer modules, can participate in database booth at PAG
    • Haven’t developed a plan for who is going to be there
      • First figure out how much time we have and then what we want to present there
    • CGIAR has some sort of work group reservation
    • Might be useful to see if KnowledgeBase is going to be there too
    • Should be ready to discuss software developer toolkit and API to get more developers interested
  • Potential collaboration with CGIAR IBP - Steve Goff
    • Conference call this morning with CGIAR IBP
      • Being led by Graham McLaren
      • Part of CIMMYT and CGIAR
      • Funded by Gates foundation
    • Discussing potential to collaborate as they are building tools that breeders would use and want to consider using iPlant infrastructure
    • Will be pushed ahead to next level by them iPlant sending use cases
    • Dan S explained some of infrastructure ideas, architecture, ideas about collaborating with DOE Knowledgebase, how it would be good to collaborate between these groups
    • out of ICIS
    • Overall, good time to start considering standards
    • Set up meeting in October to talk about use cases
    • Create a folder to store information on IBP
    • Proposing to have three software engineers at UA iPlant or TACC to work with developers
    • Dan explained that some tools and middleware not exactly compatible or scalable but seem to be fairly flexible to changing
    • White feels this is an excellent initiative and will allow iPlant to have impact that it is looking for
    • Myers commented from point of view of Gates Foundation, interested to see if connections between C4 and IBP projects
      • Welch added one of graphics showed did include Cornell
      • Invited Gates Foundation people on con call this morning (Brian Love, David Bergvinson, Kartik Raghavan)
      • Mentioned Cornell because of Buckler’s group and TASSEL; mentioned effort going on with GPUs and GLM
    • Next point will be sharing info on 14 use cases and 9 crop species planning to support
  • NSF ideas lab meeting in Asilomar - Steve Goff
    • Week long meeting in early September that Goff is attending
    • If anyone has ideas about what could be brought up, send to Goff
    • Originally focused on evolution of photosynthesis but open to a lot of different ideas
    • Goff will bring up using energy efficiency to drive computation program of breeding platform
    • Ware asked for further clarification: is it supposed to be focused specifically on evolution of photosynthesis?
    • Goff couldn't provide specifics, said advertised as going beyond evolution of photosynthesis and efficiency
    • Grene wondered if it would that include stress tolerance? Goff thinks yes
  • iPlant's NSF Site Visit in November
    • Scheduled Nov 8-9
    • Don’t know who participants will be
    • It will be in Arizona (but could still be at TACC)
    • Won’t be a typical site visit
      • More of an informal review
    • Day and a half schedule: first review project, then talk about the project and then write the report
  • Opportunity to generate iPlant news article in Science
    • Goff will continue to talk to Pam about it
    • Perspective paper would be great (SW, RG)
  • Grene is trying hard to have prototype ready for next working group meeting and if it works out, will ask Matt to present to SC

Next meeting time: August 24, 2010 2pm EDT

Adjournment: 1:34pm EDT