OneKP companion papers

The following are oneKP papers that have been written or are in varying stages of review/publication.


Gane KS Wong, et al. Apr 2020. Sequencing and analyzing the transcriptomes of a thousand species across the tree of life for green plants. Annu. Rev. Plant Biol. 71: 741-765. PMID: 31851546

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... IN THE NEWS by Florence Rosier. 29 Oct 2019. Les plantes: une aventure évolutive éclairée par leur ADN. Le Monde

... IN THE NEWS by R Siva Kumar. 28 Oct 2019. Plants diversified from a common ancestor, reveals genetic data of 1,147 species. International Business Times

... IN THE NEWS by Jasmine Demers. 28 Oct 2019. Scientists build road map for 1 billion year evolution of green plants. Arizona Daily Star

... IN THE NEWS by Florida Museum of Natural History. 24 Oct 2019. 1 billion years of evolution illuminated by genetic sequencing of 1,100 plants.

... IN THE NEWS by Bob Weber. 24 Oct 2019. 'Everything is interrelated': Scientists write family tree for tree of life. The Canadian Press

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... IN THE NEWS by Staff Writer. 5 Oct 2015. Ancient alga knew how to survive on land before it left water and evolved into the first plantScienceDaily

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Accepted for Publication

In Review

Steven Kelly, ... Gane KS Wong, Julian Hibberd. Wide sampling of natural diversity identifies novel molecular signatures of C4 photosynthesis.

Ming-Ju Amy Lyu, ... Xin-Guang Zhu. Molecular paths to an evolutionary jump during C4 evolution in the Flaveria genus and the major players.

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