Data Commons Overview and Status

The CyVerse Data Commons (DC) provides a place where data can ‘live’ as a searchable, discoverable, and reusable resource. Like many existing data repositories, the Data Commons serves as a home for shared and public data, but unlike most repositories, the Data Commons is intended to support scientists' needs throughout the data life cycle, not just at publication time. The Data Commons complements the analysis capabilities of other CyVerse platforms, such as the Discovery Environment and Atmosphere, by coordinating CyVerse services to support data management.  

Data Commons development builds on foundational CyVerse infrastructure, such as our Data Store, APIs, and user interfaces, while expanding into new areas, such as metadata and ontologies, a data repository, and federation with external collaborators.Current development of the  DC is focused on two main areas: project management and data publication. Please see our Project status page for a description of the status of the different projects under development or planned within the DC.

Day to day management of DC activities is documented in the /wiki/spaces/notes/pages/242106450 (restricted to CyVerse staff).

CyVerse cyberinfrastructure has many features that can help you manage your scientific projects, whether you are the sole investigator or your project is spread out across multiple labs. See the pages linked on the sidebar for some suggestions. For more information on managing your data and projects, see Using CyVerse for a Shared Project. For more information, see also 23 Things you can use with research data (from the Australian National Data Service), The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship, DataOne Resources for managing data, and the Force 11 data citation principles.

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