Discovery Environment Applications List

The list of apps is a way for you to view the list of all apps, as well as access their app manuals. You also can view an app manual within the Apps list.

Wondering where an app is?

As part of the 2.8 app categorization, a number of apps have been deprecated and are no longer available, and there is no longer an Archive category. You can search for a suitable replacement in the List of Applications in this window, or search on an app name or tool used for an app in the Apps window search field. If you need an app reinstated, please contact

Removing an app you published from the Apps list

To have an app removed that you made public, email CyVerse Support at to request removal of your app. We will be in touch with you about the removal.

Removing a tool or tool version you requested

If you requested the integration of a new tool or tool version, you can request that the tool be removed if no other apps use that tool or tool version. This is not recommended, as any apps that use the tool will no longer function. CyVerse will respond to a request to remove any integrated software tool being used by an application at the request of the tool's owner. To request removal of your tool, please contact

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