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Rationale and background: 

 MEGAHIT is a single node assembler for large and complex metagenomics NGS reads, such as soil. It makes use of succinct de Bruijn graph (SdBG) to achieve low memory assembly. MEGAHIT can optionally utilize a CUDA-enabled GPU to accelerate its SdBG contstruction. The GPU-accelerated version of MEGAHIT has been tested on NVIDIA GTX680 (4G memory) and Tesla K40c (12G memory) with CUDA 5.5, 6.0 and 6.5. MEGAHIT v1.0 or greater also supports IBM Power PC and has been tested on IBM POWER8


  1. A CyVerse account. (Register for an CyVerse account here -

  2. Input: Select one of the following. Accepted file formats include fasta (.fasta.fa.fna) or fastq (.fastq.fq) or gzip files (with .gz extensions) and bzip2 files (with .bz2 extensions)

    1. Single End Reads
    2. Interleaved Paired End Reads
    3. Paired End Reads (Read 1) - If you selected this option you should select the below option as well
    4. Paired End Reads (Read 2)
  3. Output options
    1. Output folder Name: Name of the output folder
    2. Minimum contig length: Default is 200bp
  4. Advanced Parameters (Optional)
    1. Presets parameters: The available options include meta, meta-sensitive, meta-large, bulk and single-cell

Test/sample data:

Use the following inputs/outputs and parameters for testing Megahit-1.0.6. The test data is available here: /iplant/home/shared/iplantcollaborative/example_data/megahit

  1. Input

    1. Paired End Reads (Read 1) - SRR341725_1.fastq.gz

    2. Paired End Reads (Read 2) - SRR341725_2.fastq.gz
  2. Output

    1. Output File Name: megahit_out
      1. intermediate_contigs folder
      2. final.contigs.fa
      3. opts.txt
  3. Advanced Parameters (Optional): None

More information about Megahit-0.6.1 can be found at Megahit