MERRA-AS tavg1_2d_lnd_Nx (Land related surface quantities)

MERRA-AS tavg1_2d_lnd_Nx (Land related surface quantities)

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This application retrieves data from the Land Related Surface Quantities data collection using NASA's MERRA Analytical Services. The user specifies the subset of data desired.

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Input File(s)

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Parameters Used in App

Default parameters: The application will run using the default parameters. The defaults retrieve the average vegetation greenness fraction for the month of January, 2011 for the location specified by the "spatial extent" bounding box.

Your parameters: The user sets the parameters to retrieve the desired subset of data.

Output File(s)

If run using the default settings, a NetCDF file called that is 20 KB in size will be output. Otherwise, a NetCDF file with the name specified by the user will be output.

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