Fluorescent Imaging Pipeline (FLIP)

The QuickStart tutorial provides an introduction to basic DE functionality and navigation.

Please work through the tutorial and use the intercom button on the bottom right of this page if you have any questions.

Rationale and background: 


  1. A CyVerse account. (Register for a CyVerse account here - user.cyverse.org.)

  2. Input

    1. Input fasta file

  3. Parameters

Test/sample data:

The test data are provided for testing FLIP-1.0 is in here - 

Use the following inputs/outputs and parameters for FLIP-1.0

  1. Input 

    1. Input fasta file: 

  2. Parameters
    1. Format of input:
    2. Number of parallel VIBRANT runs: 
    3. Length in basepairs to limit input sequences: 

    4. Number of ORFs per scaffold to limit input sequences: 

Leave the rest of the two as defaults

Output Reports:

After successful completion of the run, expect the following files as output:


For more detailed information about these outputs, please refer to this link -