unpigz-2.3.4 (Uncompress multiple files with ungzip parallely)



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Rationale and background

unpigz-2.3.4 (Parallel Implementation of Gzip) is a fully functional replacement for gzip that exploits multiple processors and multiple cores to the hilt when uncompressed


  1. A CyVerse account. (Register for an CyVerse account here - user.cyverse.org)
  2. Mandatory arguments 
    1. Input - One or more files that needs to be uncompressed
    2. Output folder - Name of the output folder where the compressed files will be placed
  3. Optional Parameters:
    1. Compress faster : Indicates the fastest uncompression method (less compression)
    2. Compress better : indicates the slowest uncompression method (best compression)

Test/sample data

The following test data are provided for testing HISAT2 in here - /iplant/home/shared/iplantcollaborative/example_data/uncompress_files_with_gunzip:

  1. trin10.fa.gz
  2. trin11.fa.gz


Successful execution of the  unpigz will create a directory named Output. The directory will contain uncompressed file or files


  1. trin10
  2. trin11


pigz-2.3.4 manual - http://zlib.net/pigz/