tbl2asn (ungapped)-25.8 using DE

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Rationale and background: 

Tbl2asn is a command-line program that automates the creation of sequence records for submission to GenBank. It uses many of the same functions as Sequin but is driven generally by data files. Tbl2asn generates .sqn files using template for submission to GenBank. Additional manual editing is not required before submission.


  1. A CyVerse account. (Register for an CyVerse account here - user.cyverse.org)


  1. Template file containing a text ASN.1 Submit-block object (suffix .sbt).
  2. Nucleotide sequence data in FASTA format (suffix .fsa). Can be either a single fasta file (containing a single sequence) or single fasta file (containing multiple sequences) 
  3. Output filename


  1. Feature Table or Annotation file (suffix .tbl). [Required only if including annotation]
  2. Structured comment file (suffix .cmt)


  1. Master Genome Flags 
  2. Runs the Discrepancy Report. Must supply an output file name. Recommended only for annotated genome submissions, complete or WGS. See the Discrepancy Report page for information about its output.
  3. Allows the addition of source qualifiers that will be the same for each submission

Generating the .sqn file for submission

  • The minimum requirements to generate a Sequin file using tbl2asn are one .sbt file and one or more .fsa files.
  • Tbl2asn will generate a .sqn for every .fsa file in the directory, plus any of the corresponding optional files that may be present. The other files must have the same file name prefix as their corresponding .fsa. (for example helicase.fsa and helicase.tbl).

Test/sample data:

The test data are provided for testing tbl2asn (ungapped)-25.8 in here - /iplant/home/shared/iplantcollaborative/example_data/tbl2asn.sample.data:

Use the following inputs/outputs and parameters for testing tbl2asn (ungapped)-25.8

  1. Mandatory argument

    1. Template file - template_BP_BS.sbt

    2. Fasta file - multiple.fsa
    3. Output file - multiple.sqn
  2. Optional arguments 
    1. Annotation file - multiple.tbl
    2. Structured comment file - assembly.cmt
  3. Parameters
    1. Organism name - [organism=Helicobacter pylori ABC1] [strain=ABC1] [host=Homo sapiens] [isolation-source=blood]
    2. Master Genome Flag - n (default)
    3. Run Discrepency report - checked (default and recommended) 

Output Reports:

  1. multiple.sqn - sqn file for submission to WGS
  2. multiple.val - varification report
  3. discrep - discrepency report
  4. errorsummary.val - Summary file showing the number, severity and type of errors found in all the .val files.


More information about tbl2asn (ungapped)-25.8 can be found at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/genbank/tbl2asn2/