Structure 2.3.4

Structure 2.3.4

The program structure is a free software package for using multi-locus genotype data to investigate population structure. Its uses include inferring the presence of distinct populations, assigning individuals to populations, studying hybrid zones, identifying migrants and admixed individuals, and estimating population allele frequencies in situations where many individuals are migrants or admixed. It can be applied to most of the commonly-used genetic markers, including SNPS, microsatellites, RFLPs and AFLPs.

Quick Start

Test Data

Test data for this app appears directly in the Discovery Environment in the Data window under Community Data -> iplantcollaborative -> example_data -> structure -> small_dataset

Input File(s)


  • sample_data

Parameters Used in App

  • provide the mainparameters in the 'Main parameters' field
  • provide the extraparameters in the 'Extraparameters' field
  • provide a prefix for the output file(s) in the 'output file name' field–output was used in the example

Output File(s)

  • This analysis above will produce one output file: output_f

Tool Source for App