Configuring Your Firewall to Connect to the Data Store

Transfers to the Data Store require firewalls to allow TCP port 1247 and TCP and UDP ports 20000-20399 to be open.

Data Store Connection Port Settings
Required Open
TCP Ports
Required Open
UDP ports





Most users should not need to configure their firewalls, but some institutions may have more restrictive policies for security reasons. CyVerse staff will be happy to discuss any technical requirements with your networking administrators. For more information, contact CyVerse Support at

To test your connectivity to the Data Store, use the cbuoy website from a browser or use the dscheck script within the unix shell.


If you notice that long running transfers are terminated abruptly, be aware that some institutional firewalls have policies governing the duration allowed for idle connections that may interfere with data transfers. 

For an overview on firewalls, see Firewall on the Webopedia website.

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