Troubleshooting and Getting Help with the Discovery Environment

There are lots of ways to get help with the DE. This page lists the places to start.

Start here

Within the DE, simply click at the top right of the screen, and then click FAQs to view the list of frequently asked questions, Forum to go to the Ask CyVerse forum, or Feedback to contact Support or provide feedback about the DE.

Is the DE down?

From time to time, the Discovery Environment is taken down for updates, maintenance releases, or other reasons. The CyVerse Maintenance Calendar lists the upcoming maintenance periods, so check there first.

In addition, a banner will be displayed in this manual before the maintenance window to notify you of the affected services, CyVerse's newsletter, The Node, lists upcoming maintenance windows, and you will receive an email prior to the downtime.

Can't log in, need to reset your password, or don't remember your CyVerse username?

See Resetting Your Password.

Stuck in Loading or a window is "stuck"?

You can use the keyboard shortcut to close active windows. Unless you changed your default preference, the shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + Q.

Where do I find out how to troubleshoot a failed analysis?

If your analysis failed, see Troubleshooting an Analysis. Also see Analyses FAQs.

Where can I learn more about the DE?

You're in the right place — the Discovery Environment manual right here on the CyVerse Wiki. In addition to the table of contents that is always available in the panel on the left, this list points you to some important informational pages:

  • Discovery Environment Manual: This manual! Contains a basic overview of the Discovery Environment, introduction to its tools, and detailed, step-by-step instructions for using its features. You also can view the list of Discovery Environment Applications List on a separate page, or simply go to the Apps list in the DE.
  • Website: The CyVerse website contains some overview information about the Discovery Environment. Check it out here.
  • Tutorials: Take a look at the Tutorials list to see the many learning materials we offer.
  • Workshops: Consider attending a workshop on using the Discovery Environment. Learn more about our upcoming events here.
  • YouTube videos: Overview of the Discovery Environment video: On the CyVerse YouTube channel.
  • Introduction: The first time you logged in to the DE after creating your account, an Introduction was displayed. You can view the Introduction again at any time.
  • Create a new app or integrate a new tool: See Creating a New App Interface for how to create your own app interface or automated workflow for use in the DE. Also take a look at New Tool Integration Quick Start.
Helpful Links

Additional Help resources

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For answers to questions:

  • Search in this manual, using the search bar in the left panel.
  • Read the /wiki/spaces/DEmanual/pages/242027063 for the Discovery Environment, Data Store, and answers to software licensing questions.
  • Click Get Help below to open Ask CyVerse, which lists questions and answers to commonly-asked questions by other CyVerse users. Also check out the Get Help page on the website.
  • You also can enter comments, questions, and suggestions, on the DE Feedback Form.
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