Creating a New App Interface Quick Start

Creating a New App Interface Quick Start

You can easily create a new interface for a DE app directly within the Discovery Environment. There are three ways in which you can create or edit an app for use in the Discovery Environment:

  • Copy and edit an existing app: This method is useful if you want to create a similar app based on the same tool, if you want to see how someone else created their app, or if you just want to play with how to create or edit a tool interface.
  • Create a new app interface from scratch: This method allows you to create an app interface from the beginning with no preconceived notion. This is the most frequently used method.
  • Edit an app interface you created: Use this method to change settings in an app you created. This is a useful way to create different variants of your app for different uses, as well as to fine-tune or change settings and layout.

You can define the app's arguments, settings, and layout. Once the app is to your satisfaction, it is immediately available in your DE personal workspace, where you can use it to run analyses, or share it with the user community.

The main steps to creating a new app are:

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  2. Select the method to use for creating the app – whether creating a new app from scratch, copying an existing app, or editing a public app.
  3. Search for the tool (executable or binary) to use for your app interface.

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    If the tool and version you want to use for your app interface is not in the list, you will need to request that it be installed.

  4. Enter basic information about your app.
  5. Specify the parameters (arguments) that define the functionality and appearance for your app.
  6. Preview the app and test your app to verify that it looks and functions the way you want it to.
  7. Save.
  8. Open the app in your Workspace Apps under development folder and test.
  9. If necessary, edit the app and preview again, repeating until the app is to your satisfaction, and then save.
  10. When you want to share it with other users, edit the documentation page for your app and then submit it for public use so other users can use your app for their analyses.

For more information on creating and editing DE apps, please see the related Table of Contents in the left pane.

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