Creating, Copying, and Editing DE Apps

Before you begin, you might want to search the list of available tools to see if the tool and version you want to use for your app interface is available in the DE. If it is not listed, you must first Dockerize the tool and then request that the tool be installed.

You can either create a new app from scratch, copy a public app, or edit an app in your Apps under Development folder (an app that you haven't shared with the public yet). Most people jump right in by creating a new app.

If you don't want to start from scratch, a useful tip is to copy an app in the Public Apps folder, then make any changes you want to that app–perhaps using a different version of the tool, or changing the name of a field–and then save to a new app name to make a totally new app.

You also can create a new workflow.

Main steps

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  2. Create or edit the app interface according to how you want to work.
  3. Save the changes. The app now is listed in your Apps under development folder. From there, you can test it and try it out. If you want to share it with the public, you can submit it for public use. If you have additional questions or want to see questions other users have asked, click  at the top right of the screen to open Ask CyVerse.

You may want to begin by reading Creating a New App Interface.

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