Using the BisQue Image Analysis System

IMPORTANT: Before using BisQue especially if you want to automate data ingest from the Data Store, please request access through the User Portal with your account.

BisQue is an advanced image database and analysis system for biological 5D images. BisQue supports large-scale image databases (TB to PB), flexible experimental data management, metatdata- and content-based search, analysis integration, and knowledge discovery. The BisQue system is based on scalable web services and is deployed on one to N servers, depending on needs and data load.

Users can use BisQue to capture, analyze, query, add metadata to, and store biological resources – datasets, files, images, MEX-files, or users – in a database. From there, scientists can perform high-level queries of the image files for image retrieval and comparison.

Some key ingredients of BisQue are:

  • Flexible schema for scientific data management
  • Integrated analysis system
  • Search by content and metadata
  • Data visualization system

Typical BisQue use cases include online storage and sharing of images for multi-user phenotyping projects, tagging images with text and graphical metadata, analyzing batches of images, and making plots based on images or image analyses. The owner of a resource in the BisQue repository can make the item private, shared, or public.

Before you begin, you may want to view the BisQue online tutorials.

For other information related to BisQue, click at the top right of the BisQue screen.

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