Getting Help with BisQue

The primary how-to basic guide is this user guide on the wiki. However, there are many other resources available to help you learn about and how to work with BisQue.

Accessing help using the main Help icon

At the top right of any BisQue screen is the icon. Several of the menu items give you information about Bisque and the Bisque project:

  • Overview and tutorial of BisQue Imaging Database
  • About BisQue: Release information, grant references, development team, Bisque alumni, third-party libraries
  • Privacy policy: About BisQue, privacy policy, terms of use, license information
  • Terms of use
  • License
  • Usage statistics: Statistics about daily and monthly uploads and daily and monthly module executions
  • Online Help: View the Bisque online tutorial.
  • BisQue project website: Information about the project, as well as demos, documentation, presentation slides, downloads, and information about research, grants, downloads, Bisque information, outreach and training, events, microscope, and much more.
  • Problems with BisQue: Links to the BisQue developers' website, instructions on how to submit a bug or suggestion, and specifics for how to email the BisQue project team.

Need more help?

Some screens offer their own Help information. For example, the Upload screen offers help specifics for file formats.

Go to the Tutorials List page and search on BisQue.

You may also want to join the BisQue Bioimage Google group.

Help with modules

Within each module is a Help and workflow panel that provides information on what the module does and how to use it. For more information on using modules, see Analyzing BisQue Data.

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