Changing Resource Visibility to Published or Private

By default, resources (files, images, etc.) are uploaded as private, which means only you can access, edit, or view that file. You can change the resource's visibility to public before you upload or or later, so everyone can use and view it later. You also can change it back to private.

Changing visibility after upload

  1. From the BisQue home screen, click Browse
  2. Select the resource type.
  3. In the list, click to open the resource whose visibility level you want to change.
  4. Click Visibility:private to change the resource's visibility to Visibility:published:
  5. Click again to change it back to private, as needed.

Changing visibility at upload

For instructions on changing visibility when you upload a resource, see Uploading Files, Images, and Directories to BisQue.

Changing visibility while editing a resource

See Using Datasets.

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